Hayley and The Crushers Cover Iggy Pop’s “Lust For Life” In Honor Of Detroit’s DIY Scene

 [Cover photo credit to Thomas Ignatius]

Hayley and the Crushers are now partly based in Detroit, so they made a natural decision to pay tribute to the city’s famous son, Iggy Pop, by covering “Lust for Life”. The single is out now from Kitten Robot Records.

Frontwoman/guitarist Hayley Cain says:

Covering [Iggy Pop’s] ‘Lust for Life’ felt like a way to say thanks to this city, even as we continue to make ourselves more at home here.

Lured by the music scene, cheap cost of living and touring possibilities, the band recently began splitting time between San Luis Obispo, California and The Motor City. Married team Hayley Crusher Cain and bass player Dr. Cain ESQ released the cover on the heels of their 2022 album, Modern Adult Kicks a blend of retro-futurism, classic Pop, and their Punk attitude.

Relocating during the summer of 2022 to a city where they didn’t know many people was not easy, but the band quickly found its place in the thriving DIY scene. Weathering the winter ice storms and days-long power outages of early 2023, the band went on to explore Third Man Records vinyl pressing plant in the Cass Corridor, kayak Detroit’s urban canals and waterways, build a new network of friends, and purchase and renovate a “severely messed up” 1926 fixer-upper.

Hayley recalls:

In the end, it was all worth it. But I’ll never forget the times our power went out (there were many) and we had no heat to speak of. To survive, we used the small propane heater that we sometimes use in the van for van camping and huddled around it. Our dogs and blankets also helped keep us warm. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Hayley and the Crushers will return to California in November through Spring 2024 with show dates in Long Beach and Los Angeles on December 1-2nd, 2023. More West Coast dates are forthcoming, and the band is slated to record new music at Kitten Robot Studios in LA in 2023.