Our Mission Statement:

Wildfire Music + News is a music news site set to fan the flames for artists who take things off the beaten path into the wilds of their own creative journey. Content includes news, videos, interviews, and a celebration of music’s uplifting and often subversive role in our collective experience.

With these goals in mind, Wildfire has a particular mission to support the role of indie labels, crowdfunding, and other mechanisms whereby creating music can be, or can become, more sustainable for artists. This includes touring, modes of live performance, and the role of local venues in perpetuating creative work.

We recognize the enormous power and reach of digital media in distributing music and the artist’s message, and also embrace the key role that physical media often plays in sustaining musicians, whether that’s through harnessing the resurgence of vinyl and cassettes or through other physical merchandise that helps creates a fan community.

Wildfire Music + News has a commitment to diversity and inclusivity in content and voice and we believe that the arts should be a dynamic space for expression regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or other myriad empowering forms of self-identification. Furthermore, we believe that a commitment to diversity and inclusivity requires an ongoing commitment not to perpetuate hate language or intolerant ideas through media.

Wildfire Music + News is owned and operated by Hannah Means-Shannon (she/her) and you can contact her about the site at: hannah.wildfiremusic@gmail.com

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About Hannah Means-Shannon:

Hannah Means-Shannon is a contributor to Glide Magazine and Americana Highways and was formerly the Editor of Tower Records’ PULSE. She previously worked as Managing Editor of Heavy Metal Magazine, edited the book Megadeth: Death by Design, and was formerly an editor at Dark Horse Comics working on the Hellboy Universe. Her journalistic credits also include acting as Editor-in-Chief of Bleeding Cool.com and Executive Editor of Comicon.com. She has an academic background, having worked as an English professor for ten years after completing her BA, MA, MST, and Ph.D. from Oxford University in Medieval and Modern Languages.