The Storm Windows Find Optimism But Plenty That Needs Fixing For “It’s Christmas Time (Live)”

New-York-based Americana and Folk duo The Storm Windows, consisting of The Mathews brothers, have released their original holiday single, “It’s Christmas Time (Live),” a Folk-Rock song, and its accompanying live performance video. The track “takes an optimistic look at a troubled planet,” delivering a Christmas wish for a better world.

The Mathews Brothers previously released Second Album in March 2023.

Rob Mathews explains:

It occurred to us that we should have a Christmas song, like many of our musical heroes. So we wrote one. A Christmas song is a good place to be optimistic while still noting that there are a lot of things out there that need fixing. We tried to make it thoughtful, but light. Plus, like we say in the song, we really like the holiday season.

The Mathews brothers say about their sound:

When we record our originals, we debate over a classic versus contemporary sound. Where we land is we want something that twenty years from now, or even twenty years ago, still sounds timely.