Autogramm’s “WannaBe” Stands By Those Facing Change

[Cover photo credit to Tyler McLeod]

Autogramm is a synth-driven Power-Pop band from Seattle, Chicago, and Vancouver, and they have announced their latest LP Music That Humans Can Play with an advance single and video for the track “WannaBe”.

Their first album in over two years will be released on vinyl and digital formats world-wide on November 17th, 2023 via Stomp Records (and Beluga Records EU). The album is designed to “fit in easily into the 80’s section of your record collection.”

The video for “WannaBe” was shot and directed by Jeffry Lee in East Vancouver. The greenscreen video captures the band on superimposed digital static while they perform the track live, and in true to form 80’s fashion.

Drummer/singer The Silo reflects on the inspiration behind the song:

WannaBe began as a way to say to the most important person in my life that I will stand beside them no matter what their direction, self-opinion, or physical state of being. Upon further reflection, I thought it could apply more broadly to all of our relationships in life: it’s a declaration of love and support to any friend, child, or lover who is going through a change in their self-perception; the idea that gender, occupation, size, skin, are all merely physical manifestations of being and will never matter as much as the person underneath it all.

Autogramm has a long standing connection to Art, Punk, and skateboarding communities. Since their inception, Autogramm has performed throughout Canada, Mexico, the US, the UK, and Europe in venues such as London’s Lexington, Berlin’s Wild At Heart, and San Francisco’s Bottom of the Hill.

The band’s members are Jiffy Marx of Brooklyn’s Hard Drugs, Vancouver’s Night Court, and Blood Meridian, CC Voltage of Berlin’s Dysnea Boys, London’s Loyalties, and Vancouver’s Black Halos and Spitfires, Lars Von Seattle of Bread & Butter and The Catheters, The Silo of Vancouver’s Black Mountain, Lightning Dust, Destroyer and more recently, Chicago’s Spun Out.

Music That Humans Can Play was recorded in Vancouver BC during the heatwave of August 2022. They say that between visits to the beach, barbecues, and a newborn baby, they laid down ten tracks at two “sweaty studios” on Vancouver’s Eastside.