Good Rzn’s ‘Falling In Slow Motion’ Shares A Kaleidoscopic Journey

[Cover photo credits, Photography: Brayten Bowers (@braysbrain), Graphic Design: Mishko (, Executive Production: Randi Wilens (@randirwmedia)]

Los Angeles-based Alt-Pop duo Good Rzn, consisting of Josie Molasky (vocalist/songwriter) and Tommy Ghirardini (guitarist/producer), will be releasing their debut EP Falling In Slow Motion, on October 20, 2023. Lead single “Running Out Of Time” is out now and shows their interest in the Psychedelic.

The upcoming five-track EP “gives insight into the feelings the two artists have experienced in their past few years living in Los Angeles.” Each song dives into different components that have influenced the pair since moving to Southern California from Boulder, CO.

Good Rzn says:

We wanted this collection of music to represent a specific time period of our artistic journey. We’ve had a lot of amazing moments, but there were also struggles along the way. The creation of these pieces helped us find peace in expressing ourselves and hope it might do the same for our listeners.

Photo Credit: Mishko (, Executive Production: Randi Wilens (@randirwmedia) 

Since first releasing music in the Fall of 2021, Good Rzn have been working on their style. The pair’s current catalogue has allowed them to showcase their talents performing at multiple shows including Breaking Sound, Writer’s Block, and WFNM in Los Angeles and PB Avenue in San Diego.

They’ll be playing an upcoming show at Fergusons Downtown in Las Vegas on Saturday, October 7.