Oh Land’s “My Freak” Rejoices In Finding Someone Else Who’s Weird

[Cover photo credit to Dennis Morton]

Danish artist Oh Land, aka Nanna Øland Fabricius, has announced her new album, Loop Soup. Set for release on September 29th, 2023 via Oh Land’s own imprint Tusk or Tooth, the album is a return to genre-bending Pop. Alongside the news, Oh Land has shared a single from the project, “My Freak,” an “ode to the deep love you might find with someone just as weird as yourself.”

The song was Produced by Vasco (Terror Jr, ), and Nanna shares:

‘My Freak’ is basically questioning the definition of ‘normal’. With all the people I love in my life, what I love about them the most is in their deviations from normal. The quirks and edges. ‘My Freak’ is a love song about finding my own logic and natural love with someone. That deep connection that only you understand.

On her upcoming album Loop Soup, Oh Land incorporates unconventional song structures and cinematic soundscapes, elucidating “the struggle of being a human…when you really are an alien.” The album was inspired by 60’s and 70’s sci-fi movies like Barbarella and Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain, as well as disco aesthetics like Boney M.

Nanna adds:

A lot of these songs are targeting issues in society and the struggle of finding my space within it. Conflicts in myself made into songs. The older I get the more I question the structure of the world that I’m living in. This album is a pathfinder or an emotional compass of my own space venture. Weaving in and out of memories, future dreams and having to deal with the present.

Following a back injury that ended her ballet career, Oh Land wrote and Produced her first album Fauna in 2008. Since then she has released four studio albums and toured the world, both headlining and opening for such acts as Katy Perry and Sia.

Oh Land has also worked as a songwriter with artists like Pharrell, Sia, John Legend, and beyond. Over the years, Oh Land’s albums have explored new sonic territories.

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