Grave Secrets Turns A Testament About “Anxious” Feelings Into Something Fast And Fun

LA’s Grave Secrets have joined the Wiretap Records roster and have released a video for their latest single “Anxious” that ties into many relatable feelings. The band draws on Melodic Punk and Hardcore influences.

Guitarist and vocalist Viny Morales says:

“Anxious” is about the feelings we all face from time to time, and more specifically, something I wrote as a testament of how I’ve felt ever since I can remember. I found nicotine (unfortunately) at a pretty young age, and bite my nails like a weirdo quite often. So that’s where the lyrics came from. As for the music, we were thinkin’ “Fast. Fun. Heavy as f*”.

The band says that “Every member is a profound lover of nostalgic sounds with a modern touch”. Grave Secrets works exclusively with Alex Estrada (Joyce Manor & Touche Amore) at his Pale Moon Ranch studio and Wiretap Records will be releasing the band’s upcoming album later this year.

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