Nick & June Add A Cinematic Touch To ‘Beach Baby, Baby’ EP

[Cover photo credit to Luka Popp]

German Indie Pop duo Nick & June will be releasing their new EP Beach Baby, Baby independently on May 12, 2023. For the new tracks, they draw on a number of influences, many of them cinematic.

Nick Wolf comments on their mindset:

We have always been inspired by various things to write our songs and stories, from French New Wave to movies by Sofia Coppola, Noah Baumbach, Wes Anderson, Xavier Dolan or Greta Gerwig. During the pandemic, we watched many classics of film and all-time favorites… Maybe that’s why the overall concept of the EP has a cinematic touch.

Based in Nuremberg, Nick & June started in 2011 and have released two albums, Flavor & Sin(2013) and My November My (2017). Their music has appeared on prime-time TV and even the big screen, in the coming-of-age film About a Girl.

The duo have set their sights on the United States post-pandemic, as Nick explains:

With the last album, we were on tour non-stop for two years all over (Central) Europe. When we wrapped up, we realized that we needed a break mentally and physically, so we deliberately took a sabbatical. We had planned a big tour including dates in the U.S. but COVID hit and practically everything was canceled. We are very excited to see how the EP will be received. We are currently making plans for additional recordings, which will hopefully take place in the States. After that, we hope to tour the US for the first time as well!