Jack River’s “Lie In The Sun” Is An Apocalyptic Holiday

[Cover photo credit to @xingerxanger]

Alt-Pop artist Jack River (aka Holly Rankin) has shared new single “Lie In The Sun”, the latest taste from her forthcoming sophomore album Endless Summer due out Friday June 16th, 2023 via Nettwerk Records. The track was inspired by ideas of a psychedelic acid world, but also absorbed apocalyptic ideas in the process of being written.

Jack River says:

I wrote ‘Lie In The Sun’ with John Ryan, a hilarious New Yorker who I met at a writing camp in Byron. Over lunch, we were asking my publisher about her youth – what she got up to with friends in the suburbs, and what kind of slang they would use to describe going out and getting wasted with friends – she told us they’d say ‘we’re going to lie in the sun’. We were both fascinated and dreamt of a psych night scene, a fluorescent acid world of 70s youth. And so ‘Lie in the Sun’ was born.

Co-writer John Ryan’s credits include One Direction, Maroon 5, Dave Guetta and Harry Styles. The single was produced with Josh Fountain (BENEE, Alison Wonderland, Jarryd James) and paints the picture of “an apocalyptic holiday, of blissfully floating in the sea while the sky is on fire around you.”

Jack River spearheaded the “Our Soundtrack Our Stories” initiative alongside ARIA, championing homegrown music, played to 80K people in Sydney as part of a massive School Strike for Climate global event and she launched and hosted a podcast, To Rebel In The Times.