Silver Synthetic’s “The Door” Conjures A New Orleans Summertime Vibe

[Photo credit to Angelina Castillo]

New Orleans Rock & Roll band Silver Synthetic take a minimalist approach and are back with a new digital single titled “The Door”, available now via Third Man Records. The track is accompanied by an official visualizer. This follows their full-length debut and Out of the Darkness EP. The new single conjures up a summer feel and suggests something that everyone is looking for, whether it’s love or a certain feeling.

Friend of the band, Gabe Soria, writes:

“The Door” really is a whammer-jammer.

And that’s not empty hype written to move units. I mean, the last time the phrase “whammer-jammer” moved a unit was probably back in ’78. But still, “The Door” certainly is one; it captures a particularly New Orleans, but also universal, summer time vibe; it’s a rave up full of longing and hope, a piece of (forgive me) shimmering jangle pop that rides that knife edge between groovy romance and sunrise partyin’, with a touch of the Paisley Underground on its tongue and the bulge from the cover of Transformer down its pants. At least that’s my first impression. 

…Add it to your pool party playlist, put it on a mix for your sweetheart, jam it on your wireless speakers as you ride your bike into the humid night, hoping to find a little love and maybe some clean drugs. You know: trying to get to and through “the door” we’re all looking for. 

Silver Synthetic is Chris Lyons, Kunal Prakash, Lucas Bogner and Ben Jones. “The Door” was recorded at Marigny Studios and engineered by Adam Keil, with additional recording in Los Angeles. It was mixed by Danny Clifton at Pulp Arts in Gainesville, FL, and mastered by Bill Skibbe at Third Man Mastering. 


5/5 – The Broadside – New Orleans, LA *

5/6 – Bar DKDC – Memphis, TN %

5/7 – Soft Junk – Nashville, TN

* – w/Esther Rose, The Deslondes

% – w/Jack Oblivian, Tyler Keith & The Apostles