Blue Note Records Highlights A Whole Community With ‘Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre’

Blue Note Records has released Transmissions from Total Refreshment Centre, an eclectic collection featuring artists who are part of London’s Total Refreshment Centre community including Soccer96, Byron Wallen, Jake Long, Matters Unknown, Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange, Neue Grafik, Resavoir, and more. The album is available on vinyl, CD, and digital streaming services.

TRC is a music venue and recording studio founded by Lex Blondel that serves as a hub in London’s Jazz scene, creating the relationships on Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre. The collection draws from new school Jazz, Hip Hop, Dub, Soul, Funk, and Drill and features players from London, Chicago, and Melbourne seeking out new collaborations.

The album reflects a “central truth – that we all need each other.”

The track listing for Transmissions From Total Refreshment Centre is as follows:

1. Soccer96 “Visions” featuring Kieron Boothe

2. Byron Wallen “Closed Circle”

3. Jake Long “Crescent (City Swamp Dub)”

4. Matters Unknown “Eloquence” featuring Miryam Solomon

5. Zeitgeist Freedom Energy Exchange “Isa” featuring Noah Slee

6. Neue Grafik “Black” featuring Brother Portrait

7. Resavoir “Plight”

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