The God Bombs Explore The Horror Of Corporate America In “Black And Yellow” Video

LA-based Goth Industrial band The God Bombs have a new lineup and are recording a new album. Their music video for “Black and Yellow” has been revealed ahead of their album GΩDHEAD. The song features a collaborative guest, Chris Lorraine, on lead guitar. The latest video is part of a series of collaborations between the God Bombs and LA-based Cinematographer/Director Jason Kaplan.

Justin Symbol, lead singer shares:

“The video explores the horror of corporate America, where talented humans are bled of their creativity and funneled into a meaningless “hive” system of work and drudgery. The concept began with the idea to have disgruntled office workers and an overbearing boss villain who would morph into some kind of bee creature with hives sprouting out of him. I like that it weaves a horror narrative with some elements of humor in the office environment, and of course, the band rocking out in the warehouse! It was helped along by some really great extras, friends of ours who showed up for the shoot in costume! (Humberto MezaDave Leon, and more).

Make-up artist, Autumn Lee, created great beehive prosthetics, and an actor friend ended up playing the Boss in an excellent performance. I spent days crafting the custom “beehive” guitar played by Chris Lorraine in the video. Later we added a band performance scene shot in an abandoned warehouse location that Jason found, thus finalizing an incredible video!

As well, a shout out to prop mistress Nichole Carillo who designed my glowing toxic “icicle” shaped microphone! We all hope you enjoy this collaboration as much as we do!”‘ 

As purveyors of an Electro-Punk Industrial sound, the band has been touring North America in recent years, including the Amerikkkant Tour supporting Ministry. Other artists they’ve toured with include Mushroomhead, Green Jello, The Bunny The Bear, William Control, Psyclon Nine, and Tim Skold. 

They will be playing with the band Orgy at The Whisky-a-Go-Go in LA on March 24th, 2023.

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