The Lancasters Cultivate Many Voices For ‘Standard Family Size’

Psych Rockers The Lancasters have announced the release of their second full-length album Standard Family Size arriving on March 10th, 2023 through Retro Vox Records. They’ve also released a new track “Pancho, the Brave”. The new album also channels a number of different “voices” as if an unusually large family were speaking, each in turn.

The band comments:

A story about the life of Pancho Villa, described as one of the heroes in the Mexican struggle for independence. His bravery and lighting fast guerrillas carved deep grooves into the first years of the 20th century – and more than once did he humble the US, relegating the superpower into the corner. Pancho will always represent the human being fighting against the yoke of a mighty Nation. 

About the new album, they add:

This album’s topic moves between several personalities descriptions who we wanted to focus on. Liza, Izaiah, Little Suzie, the burglar in ‘The Runner’, Odessa the seer, a worker in ‘Fired’ and so on. The concept itself is full of controversial and hilarious meanings which bring the bad of each of these characters into the shape of a social nucleus, as if it was a family with thirteen members, not that standard size at all.

At the very beginning of the LP the journey starts with the most  optimistic character speaks through the lyrics strong as it appears in ‘No Ice Cubes in My Bourbon’ (Joey). It all ends up with the last and most vexed genius Galileo, pushed to abjure by who need to keep people in fear suitable for government control over society. 

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