Watch Devon’s Tim Burton-Inspired Video For “Once Upon A Line”

[Cover photo credit to Joe Howat]

UK Alt-Pop artist Devon has released the single and Tim Burton-inspired video for “Once Upon A Line.” Writing and producing everything on his own, lately his music has been a “self-reflection into the human effects of the isolation” in his hometown. This new single is the first from his upcoming album, which follows 2022’s debut, Somewhere in Nowhereland.

The new track follow’s Devon’s alter ego living a life of excess in Hollywood and reflects on an unhealthy obsession with wanting material success.

Devon shares:

This song is written from a very isolated perspective. It’s that feeling of what’s on the other side of the fence that most people from these outer city places cope with. It can play on your mental health a lot and is a lonely way of life.

Often when people get something they didn’t previously have, be that money, attention, whatever, they might go overboard with it until it becomes unhealthy because they were deprived of it before. This song is like an exaggerated version of that for me. Kind of asking the question how dark would it get if I got everything I ever wanted?

The video was directed by Zak Watson and inspired heavily by Tim Burton and The End of the F***ing World.

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