Profesor Galáctico’s “Ahora” Captures An Uncertain Moment In Love

Solo musician Profesor Galáctico has revelead a new video for their song “Ahora”. It blends the moodiness of an uncertain feeling of love with the possibility that it’s not returned by the person in question and arrives from My Grito.

Nico Curiel of Profesor Galactico says:

The song started as an instrumental I had been building over time. When I finally listened to it again, I free-styled the intro. In retrospect, I think the verse was subconsciously inspired by an experience I had while on vacation in Cabo. We had decided to walk from our hotel to downtown Cabo thinking it was a close walk. It looked close, but it wasn’t—and it was extremely hot. Downtown ended up being way further than we anticipated, but seeing everything from a wandering perspective right next to a beautiful beach felt refreshing…yet tiring at the same time. The rest of the song is just me expressing that vulnerable, hopeless romantic energy that exists when two people are in love, but in doubt…those strong emotions you feel for someone who doesn’t reciprocate the same.

Profesor Galactico is Nico Curiel, a self-taught musician, singer-songwriter & producer from Los Angeles. His music eclectically swings through Ska, Latin, Reggae and Hip-Hop via a Punk filter. A veteran of the Los Angeles Ska-Punk, Indie scene, Profesor Galactico has been performing live across SoCal with his act, as well as their associated act The Paranoias.

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