Talos Weaves Lullabies For ‘Nocturnes’

[Cover photo credit to Thady Trá]

Irish artist Talos has released a five-track EP, Nocturnes, which is made up of a series of solo piano re-interpretations of songs from his back catalogue and one new song, “Coniine.” Talos is the monkier of Cork, Ireland-based artist Eoin French.

Talos explains regarding Nocturnes:

A nocturne, in musical terms, is a piece of music that is inspired by or evocative of the night, typically made for piano. This EP is a night scene. It is a reframing of some of my older songs, recorded in the depths of winter and the emergence of one new piece, ‘Coniine.’ The songs were intended to feel like lullabies: close, small and searching.

Regarding the new track “Coniine”, he adds:

The new piece, ‘Coniine’ was written with Doug Schadt and Nick Rayner and produced by Ross Dowling, who mixed and mastered the EP also. It is a song about restless youth, the feeling of wanting to escape and leave home, in the search for new space and new experience.

Talos will be playing a series of live shows, both full band and solo, in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland and Switzerland, starting in March.

Talos has won several awards and his music has been featured in a number of US TV shows including Siren, Prodigal Son and How To Get Away With Murder.

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