STP’s Robert De Leo Covers Gordon Lightfoot In Bonus Tracks For ‘Lessons Learned’

Robert De Leo, bassist and principal songwriter of the band Stone Temple Pilots, has released two digital bonus tracks from his recently released solo album, Lessons Learned. De Leo recorded covers of two Gordon Lightfoot songs, including “Affair on 8th Avenue,” and “Your Love’s Return” with Pete Shoulder on vocals. 

De Leo explains:

Gordon Lightfoot is one of the sculptors of a musical era that I cherish and hold so dear to my heart. I covered these two songs out of respect and relating to Gordon’s willingness to convey his vulnerability in his songs. I decided to leave Gordon’s songs off Lesson’s Learned so my musical journey and personal experiences would be my own. 

Robert played virtually all the instruments on the album and was joined by guest musicians and vocalists, and for these bonus tracks, Pete Shoulder is on vocals.

De Leo adds:

Pete Shoulder is one of my favorite singers. His voice captures the same elements that great singers of the past have emotionally stirred up in all of us.