Tyler Posey’s ‘Lemon’ Showcases The Freedom Of An Independent Artist

Tyler Posey has announced his brand-new album Unravel set to be released on May 26, 2023. The album features sixteen new tracks, including lead single Lemon,” out now alongside a video, which premiered in Teen Wolf: The Movie on Paramount+.

On the new album, Posey shares:

Being an independent artist, there is a lot of freedom, and that’s exactly what this album is. Freedom. It’s got every genre from screamo hardcore punk to chill beach vibes. Listen to it from start to finish in order, to really experience the ride that is UNRAVEL, my first full length LP!

On the song “Lemon”, Posey shares:

’Lemon’ was a fun and unique song to write for a few reasons. First, it’s the ending credits song to my new movie Teen Wolf: The Movie, so it’s the first song on mine I’ll get to hear on the big screen. How sick is that? I’ve never written a song knowing it was going to be in a film. I really tried to capture the energy it would take to leave an audience feeling epic at the end of a movie. I think we accomplished that, with the help of Phem, of course, who helped me write it. She came up with the coolest line “sucking on a lemon”, which the title came from.

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