Åskväder’s “Don’t Worry” Solves Existential Anxiety

Blues-influenced Scandinavian Garage Rock band Åskväder has released their new single ”Don‘t Worry”. The track was inspired by the “untroubled mentality” commonly found in the group‘s hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden, and follows their late 2022 single and video release ”Cyclops”. Both are out via The Sign Records.

Åskväder comments on ”Don‘t Worry”:

Don’t Worry is a song that came to life whilst Martin was noodling some jazz stuff on a beautiful summer night not long ago. The song is based on a sophisticated melody that ventures through a landscape of notes seasoned with a catchy groove and finally it concludes in a powerful chorus. Our thought of spicing things up included a key change, the first one in the history of Åskväder, preceded by an energetic yet tender guitar solo and we are very happy with the final results.

We have created a bombastic and epic piece with beautiful lyrics about solving existential anxiety with a “Don’t Worry (about it)”- mindset, something we commonly do in our hometown of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Åskväder was formed in 2018 and consists today of Kammo Olayvar on bass, Tim Ferm on drumrolls, Albin Sörensson on lead vocals and Martin Gut bringing guitar and vocal harmonies. Åskväder released their second album, Fenix, through The Sign Records in March 2022.

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