No Cosmos Tracks A Dialog Between The Human And The Digital For Debut Album

[Cover photo credit to Michael Sayegh, makeup + styling credit: Catherine Machado]

Montreal’s No Cosmos is has announced upcoming debut album, you iii everything else, available March 24th, 2023 on Lighter Than Air. The announcement is accompanied by the new single “Watercolor Ghost” which comes with a visualizer.

No Cosmos is the alias and creative vision of trumpeter, composer, and producer Scott Bevins, a musician who plays with the Electro-Soul and Hip-Hop group Busty and the Bass, and has collaborated with multi-disciplinary collective Moonshine, and 2022 Polaris-prize winner Pierre Kwenders, among many others.

Bevins shares:

I don’t know if ghosts are following me or if I am following ghosts. A while ago, during a winter in Montreal, Sarah (Rossy) and I were painting together. Improvised brushstrokes gave rise to a form that seemed familiar. The melody to the song came together naturally some time later. Something is catching on to something, always a few steps behind, or ahead. A human is dissolving or a machine is becoming. The painting isn’t in my possession anymore.

“Watercolor Ghost” follows November’s “Almost Lost You”. Drummer Kyle Hutchins and vocalist Sarah Rossy also feature on the track, as well as Evan Shay on tenor saxophone.

According to the artist, the album you iii everything else asks, “Do computers care?” The title is inspired by a puzzling dialogue between rogue social media chatbot AIs.

Bevins explains:

Their speech is oddly recursive and meaningless, but underneath what was so coldly digital I felt something deeply alive. For this album I put a spotlight on human expression, each instrument a person with their own story. Underneath, I kept a hidden machinery of 0s and 1s – careful digital sonic crafting, midi sequencing and sampling.