Supplemental Hearts Processes The Tragic End Of A Bandmate With “Between The Harvest And The Hunter’s Moon”

Supplemental Hearts has come together as a band comprised of two bands, Supplemental Pills and Hearts of Oak, to pay tribute to their fallen bandmate, Aron Christensen, who was murdered in Washington State in August 2022 along with his dog, King Buzzo. They were killed while out hiking on a remote trail and are the subject of an ongoing investigation.

The bands’ tribute takes the form of the song “Between the Harvest and the Hunter’s Moon” and a lyric video in his memory and the track is out via Deer Road Records. The bands are also holding a pre-order for a 45 RPM vinyl record of the track, of which 100% of the money will go to the family’s GoFundMe fundraiser.

Supplemental Hearts’ Nate Wallace shares the following:

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I wrote this not long after I got the call that Aron had passed away. I wrote it to get my own feelings out and come to some peace with it. Within days of finishing the song I heard that he was shot, and didn’t just die on the trail like any outdoorsman would choose to do, if they could, I suppose. There’s been no peace of mind since. Hopefully you find some solace in the song, or it reminds you of Aron in some way. I wrote it  with him in my view. It’s not straight forward, but that’s how I write. There’s stories in there I’ll tell you about and you can tell me about when we see each other.

He had a zen way about him. He could be everything to everyone or a rock to one. He was right there for you.

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