For Amber Run, Those Who Value Relationships Are “The Beautiful Victorious”

[Cover photo credit to Jordan Curtis Hughes]

Amber Run have shared new single “The Beautiful Victorious” from their soon to be released fourth studio album How To Be Human out this February 24, 2023 via the label TRIPEL. The track celebrates those who “live life well in their own skin, and those who value relationships between not only people but themselves over assets and trivial means in the face of adversity”. 

Joe Keogh comments:

Just to be here at all is a victory – to be able to give yourself to another person and to be comfortable with where you are.

During the making of the record, Joe Keogh became a father for the first time and it has given him a new perspective heard throughout the album. 

He adds:

To see that innocence and how much love they have out of nothing has been really beautiful and life-affirming, and the relationship I have with myself has changed dramatically. 

The title of the album, How To Be Human, essentially relates to “How to be happy. How to be content. How to find peace within the world and, crucially, within yourself”.

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