The Inspector Cluzo Thinks Running A Family Farm Is More Rock Than Playing Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

[Cover photo credit to Philippe Salvat]

French Rockers and farmers The Inspector Cluzo are set to release new album Horizon on January 27th, 2023, via F.thebassplayer Records. Two singles have already been released: “Horizon” and “Swallows“, and they are now joined by “Running A Family Farm Is More Rock Than Playing Rock’n’Roll Music as well as by a video.

The Gascon duo have also announced a full European and UK tour, including dates as special guests to EELS in March 2023 in UK, Benelux, and Germany.

The band comments on the new track:

As farmers ourselves, we can confirm that touring and playing in front of thousands of people is much easier than dealing with Mother Nature’s anger due to climate change as well as with all factory farms and agro-industry pressure added to the permanent green-washing.

The band continues:

The video is made with extracts from Yan Sourigues ‘Running a family farm’ documentary, which will be released later this year.

The new album was recorded in three weeks and produced by Grammy Award winner Vance Powell. Each song shares and takes inspiration from real-life events and experiences.

The Inspector Cluzo is a Gascony based Rock-Blues duo, created in 2008 by Laurent (Guitar, Lead Vocal) and Mathieu (Drums). Since 2008, the band have released 8 albums via their self-run record label F.TheBassPlayer Records, they are totally 100% self-financed, family-based organized, and 100% DIY.

They are organic professional farmers and run a 15Ha family farm called “LOU CASSE” (“the oak” in Gascon language) in Gascony, producing organic wheat and organic corn with their own free seeds. No GMO, no hybrids seeds, no chemicals or pesticides are used. They are into an Agro-Ecologic system challenging and fighting climate change for the new generation.

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