…And Oceans Are Inspired By The Human Search For Enlightenment For ‘As In Gardens, So In Tombs’

[Cover photo credit to M. Laasko]

Finland’s Symphonic Black Metal outfit ….And Oceans are following 2020’s Cosmic World Mother with new effort As In Gardens, So In Tombs, and while they have never written the same album twice, in many ways the new album builds on their previous release while introducing greater freedom. Their latest single and video from the album is “Within Fire and Crystal” and the album arrives on January 27th, 2023 via Season of Mist.

Because their previous album was written at a fast pace, they needed a fresh approach, and this time they took a more laid back route, as guitarist Timo Kontio explains:

Well for me starting to do Cosmic World Mother was more nerve wrecking and even in doubt whether we should make new music or not. In the end it was quite an easy project to do, to our relief. So when we started to make this album, it was more relaxed and more or less go with the flow mentality. We had the first ‘difficult comeback album’ done, and everything came quite easily! It was really refreshing to make this kind of music after so long.

Art by Adrien Bousson

While Cosmic World Mother was about “how energy is eternal and how only changes form”, the new record focuses on “how humanity’s energies toward enlightenment are often the same path, even if we have different languages, religions, customs, etc.”

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