Chris Williams And Kid Reverie Discover A New Collaboration For ‘Something From Nothing’

Chris Williams and Kid Reverie’s new album began by searching for a sound. Having heard Steve Varney’s (Kid Reverie) open-back banjo accompanying fellow songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov on a YouTube video, Williams began tracking down something similar for his own personal collection. After a long search, he landed on Varney’s website. Williams noticed that he offered lessons and decided to sign up for one or two.

Williams shares: “I was so taken with his work and his instrument that I’d pay to talk to him.”

The pair have just announced the upcoming album Something from Nothing due out March 3rd, 2023. Born from their initial collaboration, the pair eventually co-wrote the twelve songs that became Something from Nothing. They’ve also released the preview song, “Half a Mile”, a song about “growing in different ways.”

Kid Reverie adds:

This process was very cathartic. It took a trying time for both of us and allowed us to open ourselves to a writing partnership that neither of us expected. I am grateful for this amazing musical experience and hope everyone enjoys these songs as much as we loved creating them! I’ve rarely had such deep collaboration with another songwriter. For so long it felt like we were just doing lessons. I think it took both of us quite a while to realize we were co-writing songs and making an album.

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