John Diva & The Rockets Of Love Build A Cherry Cola Sound For ‘The Big Easy’

[Cover photo credit to Bernd Manthey]

German Hair Metal devotees John Diva & The Rockets Of Love have announced that they will be releasing their third album The Big Easy on March 17, 2023. Their second album, American Amadeus served as an ode to Glam Metal, but for this record, they are delving into Hard Rock and embracing a carefree 80s approach. They’ve also released the single and video for the title track of the upcoming album.

The name of the new record says it all, according to guitarist Snake Rocket:

We wanted to record an album that sounds like Cherry Cola. Also, we put great emphasis on the fact that the record is intended as an album and doesn‘t sound as if we jammed together an intro and eleven random songs. The record works in that order precisely.

John Diva & The Rockets Of Love make it a point to reject the sexism that is so common in their genre, for example in songs like “Boys Don’t Play With Dolls“. Frontman John Diva comments: “In our music, everyone is welcome and appreciated.”

17.03. DE-Dortmund – FZW (Album Release Show)
18.03. DE-Aschaffenburg – Colos-Saal
24.03. DE-Memmingen – Kaminwerk
25.03. DE-Munich – Backstage
08.04. DE-Hamburg – Bahnhof Pauli
14.04. DE-Nürnberg – Hirsch
15.04. DE-Heidenheim – Lokschuppen
22.04. DE-Herford – X
28.04 DE-Hannover – Musikzentrum
29.04. DE-Brilon – Bürgerzentrum
05.05. DE-Cologne – Gloria
06.05. DE-Koblenz – Cafe Hahn
12.05. CH-Boswil – Chillout
13.05. CH-Buchs – Krempel
19.05. DE-Heide – Stadttheater
20.05. DE-Kiel – Die Pumpe

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