Poolblood’s “Wfy” Captures A Day In The Life

[Cover photo credit to Jibril Yassin]

Toronto’s Maryam Said (she/they) who performs as poolblood, has shared their latest single + video, “wfy.” A song about “longing for a deeper connection with someone, knowing you can’t find it, and the continuous search for fulfillment”. It comes off their debut album mole, out January 13, 2023 via Next Door Records (The Weather Station, Ada Lea, Charlotte Cornfield). The track’s video, directed by Laura Lynn Petrick, documents a typical day Said would spend by themselves in Toronto.

They comment:

In a way, the song is about the anxieties of love and learning how to self soothe, and the video is about finding love in the mundanity of life, like doing your laundry. So I felt very connected to Laura’s ideas and felt the song could live perfectly in that space.

With the upcoming album mole, poolblood has crafted an entire album centered on “stories of deep and abiding intimacies – romantic and platonic”.

They share:

I wanted to capture all of the uncomfortable moments in all of my relationships, writing about the discomfort and not sensitizing it.

The album includes many collaborators, like Louie Short and Shamir, who worked with Said as Producers on the project and played on a number of tracks, in addition to a musicians such as Christian Lee Hutson, Eliza Niemi, Dorothea Paas, Grant Pavol, Victoria Bury, Annie Truscott, Nick Short, and Drew & Jeremy Harmon.

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