Explore Icelandic Metal Project Sorg’s Concept Album ‘Nordandrekar’

Icelandic Metal act Sorg is the brainchild of the painter, musician, and self-described philosopher Myrmann. Sorg combines a variety of Rock and Metal genre influences, but also brings into account Myrmann’s interest in history, romanticism, Icelandic Folklore, Alchemy, and philosophy. The project Sorg is specifically used to create awareness, spread love, and fight against judgemental and prejudiced attitudes in modern society.

Sorg has recently released new album Nordandrekar and the entire album is available in preview. They are also teasing new music for 2023.

The elements of Icelandic heritage that influence Sorg the most are “the landscape, the rich literature and the old sagas”, according to Myrmann.

He adds:

Sorg is not about doing the most and best produced album, It is about using a voice for something honest and real.

The album Nordandrekar is an 11 song concept album that is about dragon riders from the North who “go to a war with an evil tyrant from abroad. They fight the evil with pure hearts and courage! Somehow teaching us the art of war as it should be”.

On the album, Mýrmann covers all guitars, bass, keys, piano, vocals and lyrics, and Freyr handles vocals. The drums are programmed drums from the Producer and musician Arnaud K.

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