Alexis Cunningham And Eric Bazilian’s “Let It Feel Like Christmas” Was A Rock Song That Wanted To Be A Holiday Song

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Alexis Cunningham, has released a retro-Rock single with a twist, the original holiday song, “Let it Feel Like Christmas”. The song was co-written and produced by Eric Bazilian (The Hooters). Its unusual development meant that it morphed from a Rock song into a Christmas song to find its niche.

In a recent interview, Cunningham shared about the single:

I didn’t just want to make another Christmas cover song. This is a song about letting yourself believe in the magic of the holiday (like when you were a kid) and escaping the outside world, even if it’s just for one night.

Another thing about this song is that the track began as another song with a completely different lyric (not a Christmas song). We ended up not using it for the original idea, but I had the thought that it could really work for a Christmas song. 

Bazillian adds:

“Let It Feel Like Christmas’ was originally switched at birth into a family that didn’t want to raise a Christmas song, but the mistake was quickly rectified, and the song can now be enjoyed for generations to come at this holly jolly time of year.

This fall, Cunningham and Bazilian performed with Low Cut Connie at World Café Live during Philly Music Fest. Originally from West Virginia, and now a Philadelphia local, Cunningham incorporates Folk style storytelling with progressive Pop, Psychedelic Rock, and Soul, among other elements.

Cunningham frequently collaborates Eric Bazilian, who’s known for penning Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us” and songs on Cyndi Lauper’s breakthrough album, She’s So Unusual. She plans to release new music in early 2023 and will be performing select dates throughout the year.

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