Entheos Journeys “In Purgatory” To Find Their Core Personality

Progressive Death Metal outfit Entheos, consisting of vocalist Chaney Crabb and multi-instrumentalist Navene Koperweis, has continued incorporating elements drawn from genres like Death Metal, Groove, Grunge, Electronica, Slam, Gothic Rock, Jazz, Prog and more. Having stripped down to a two-piece in 2020, this streamlined the band and allows the core members to focus on their goals. New standalone single and video “In Purgatory” has been released showing the results of that work.

Koperweis explains about the new track:

‘In Purgatory’ is a direct extension of our last single ‘Absolute Zero. Musically, the lead guitar and melodies that appear on the outro of ‘Absolute Zero’ became the seeds for ‘In Purgatory,’ and from there, the song wrote itself.

Crabb continues:

Lyrically, it represents introspection and coming to terms with the person that you are at your very core. The video was shot and edited by the incredible David Brodsky and Allison Woest and their team at My Good Eye: Music Visuals.



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