Dredg Have Compiled ‘The Dredg Vault’ Package With Career-Spanning Music + Memorabilia

The band dredg, featuring Gavin Hayes (vocals, guitars), Drew Roulette (bass, samples), Mark Engles (guitars) and Dino Campanella (drums, keyboards) is ending 2022 on a high note with a special package for their fans. They recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of their second album, El Cielo, with two special limited-edition box sets and now they are going to be releasing The dredg Vault, a very limited collection of previously unreleased and recently sourced works of art, music, video, and relics spanning 28 years’ time.

The Vault package is available on the band’s online store, dredgvault.com, with all proceeds going towards funding the new dredg album, which is set for release in the new year. The centerpiece of the Vault will be a hardcover 10″x13″ signed, numbered, and personalized 340-page hardcover book encapsulating the entire career of the band, from childhood to today. Each vault is delivered in a custom artwork printed box.

The band says:

THE dredg VAULT is an unburied treasure. The original idea of the VAULT was to finish the scrapbook to include all of the eras of dredg from 1993 to now and also touch on our future as a band and release it as a hard-covered book. From there, it grew into an amalgamation of eccentricities. Beyond our discography, we’ve created a gathering of other fantastic artifacts, spanning from a storyboard for a LEITMOTIF film, to a cassette reimagining our CATCH WITHOUT ARMS record, but played on an old Casio keyboard. It is experiencing dredg in an alternate universe, but it also unravels the band’s true essence and sheds a light never before seen.

In new music news, dredg has been hard at work on their sixth album which will be released in the new year. They’ve been writing on and off the past few years and are now deep in the process.

As Campanella describes:

To me, this album sounds like a more mature incarnation of dredg, which comes from the obvious reason that we are older now, having stepped away from the collective craft for quite some time. This gap in time has given us a newfound appreciation for not only one another, but also for this work of art we’ve created together and have the ability to create indefinitely. Please don’t let the word ‘mature’ deter the reality that dredg continues, in my opinion, to sound as ambitious and far reaching as ever. Our tastes are clearly fine-tuned and there’s no shortage of our classic desire to be weird as fuck.

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