Lily Monaghan’s “On Hold” Captures The Feeling Of Being Someone’s Back Up Plan

Singer/songwriter Lily Monaghan has released another single, “On Hold,” previewing her first EP, Introspection, due out in early 2023. Monoghan blurs the lines between Folk, Country, Soul and Pop, working closely with producer Mark Maclure, with whom she was enrolled in MacEwan University’s music program.

Monaghan says of the song:

‘On Hold’ was written during a time when I felt as if I was being placed on the back burner and being used as a backup plan in case something better would come along. The song is sort of like a conversation with myself, recalling the ways I was misused and the ways I mistrusted. All in all this is a song about acceptance: accepting the fact that I can’t change every situation, accepting that I can’t force somebody to choose me, and accepting that I need to let go and move forward.

Speaking about her sound, Monaghan adds:

It wasn’t until recently that I realized that Roots and Folk-inspired music is what feeds my soul and speaks to me the loudest, and the songs on this project are a reflection of that. I understand now that my versatility for other genres isn’t a weakness but a strength, and I intend to allow my knowledge for all styles of music to support me by bleeding into my writing and performing rather than setting me back by believing I must only choose one.

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