The Weber Brothers Record A Studio Live Session And Deliver First Installment, ‘Wild As The Wild Dogs’

Canadian Rock ‘n Roll outfit The Weber Brothers found themselves with a lot of material that they hadn’t recorded yet and no real opportunities to play in the summer of 2021, so they called friend and Producer James McKenty (Blue Rodeo, Cuff The Duke, Royal Wood) with an idea, to take a day and record the five-piece band live off the floor. With Marcus Bowne on drums, Emily Burgess on guitar and multi-instrumentalist Ryan “Rico” Browne, the group had a backlog of some 30 songs ready for the project.

Bassist/vocalist Ryan Weber explains:

We had a lot of tunes we’d been doing live for a while. To me, the arrangements were pretty strong, and we’d played them enough to know what we were all doing. So why not take a day and try to bang them out live? It’s an approach to recording we hadn’t done in years.

What resulted is quite a feat: 31 songs recorded over the course of a 13 hour day. Wild As The Wild Dogs, the first installment in a collection the Webers are calling The Water Street Trilogy, will be released Nov. 11th, 2022 with the two subsequent albums to follow in 2023.

The album comes with a dedication to the brothers’ teacher, mentor, and friend, Ronnie Hawkins, who passed away earlier this year at the age of 87.

Ryan Weber says:

This is a rock and roll album, this is the kind of music Ronnie loved, it only seems right to send it out to him wherever he is now, because he‘s the one who really taught us so much about it, what it really is, and how to really do it. His presence is all over this album, and hopefully, we’ve done him and all the lessons he gave us some justice. This for us is a constant goal.