Tripping Jupiter Connects With The Muse For ‘Lipstick Of The Brave’

[Cover photo credit to Jessica Bartow, 2022,]

Pop artist Tripping Jupiter has released Lipstick of The Brave, their debut full length studio LP. In addition to Madstone Rowan (he/they/them), the singer and multi-instrumentalist behind Tripping Jupiter, this album features bass by frequent Bowie collaborator and session musician Gail Ann Dorsey and Poducer Barb Morrison (they/them), a platinum record holder who has worked with Blondie, Rufus Wainwright, Franz Ferdinand, LP. and many more. 

The Rock / Pop style of Lipstick of the Brave is something that came easily to Madstone Rowan.

They say:

I really connected with my muse on this album. I didn’t ‘think’ these songs out. I let them out. They had to come out. I wrote and sang music I wanted to listen to.

The album features previously released singles “We are Starlight”, “Torn America”,“The Rhythm Falls”, “Time Doesn’t Stopand the title track “Lipstick of The Brave”. The latter is a “timeless piano ballad with a personal message dedicated to  freedom of gender expression”. 

Cover art by Frank Gargiulo
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