Jack Schneider’s “Don’t Look Down” Shares A Message Of Encouragement

Jack Schneider has released new single “Don’t Look Down” which intentionally mimics the tradition of simple Folk songs by using only a guitar, a banjo, two voices, and a tape machine. The “lingering feeling” he hopes to create is one of “encouragement.”

Joined by Liv Greene on clawhammer banjo and vocals, Schneider opted to keep the song, which he co-wrote with Wes Langlois, “sweet and easy”, which is also his approach to his upcoming debut album, Best Be On My Way. Schneider also has some upcoming tour dates and a live in-studio video of “Don’t Look Down” has been released featuring Schneider and Green.

Recorded live to tape in Nashville with contributors like Vince Gill, David Rawlings, Stuart Duncan, and Dennis Crouch, the album is “a testament to the necessity of looking at the past in order to know just where you’re headed”.

Throughout the long months of quarantine, Schneider began working intensively with former Gruhn Guitars colleague and frequent collaborator, Wes Langlois. Shut up in the studio together for weeks, the two wrote, recorded, and released what they referred to as “vanishing albums”, which were full-length records accessible for a week at a time each during the pandemic, after which they were removed from streaming services and unavailable for physical purchase. It was from these ephemeral collections of songs that the seed for Schneider’s (permanent) debut record was born.