True Body’s ‘Temple Of Song’ Endures Waves Of Destruction And Renewal

Spanning Post-Punk, Dream-Pop, and more, True Body have shared the single and video “Jade Green” from their upcoming album Temple of Song out November 18th, 2022 and have previously released “Signal.” True Body has worked throughout the time in between the release of their LP Heavenly Rhythms for the Uninitiated (2020) and the present by collaborating with Perturbator and recording three songs for a split with noise-trap outfit Digital Hell. This work culminates in their new album.

The band’s mission statement includes the following:

Witnessing the state of Western Civilization upon touching down in ’22 does not illicit much surprise. Of course this house of cards buckles under the weight of its own architecture. We are resolved to endure the waves of destruction and renewal. You will hear our songs echo through blacked-out cities, our voices rise over the embers of burning land and body, our rhythms pulsing from the secret corners of virtual landscapes. Beyond the End of the World.

The band hails from Hampton, Virginia, and consider their work a “long form labor-of-love” featuring “sonic tapestries” that are “arranged with focused hands” and “passionate precision”. They will be hitting the road again in November 2022.

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