Alexa San Román Of Love, Robot And Heirsound Goes Solo With ‘Messy’

[Cover photo credit to Sam San Roman]

San Roman, the solo music project of multi-disciplinary artist Alexa San Román, has announced forthcoming debut album, Messy, arriving on November 18th, 2022. The album takes inspiration from events in her life, citing “loss and the pain of watching time pass” but is definitely an album to play with the volume up. San Roman has also shared the track “Julia”.

Alexa San Román says:

After many years in various musical projects and a couple years hiatus I’ve decided to crawl out of my cave to drop a solo album about growing older and losing people you love – sometimes including yourself. Despite my best attempts to throw my guitar off the roof, it always winds up back in my hands. I’ve poured all of who I am at my most genuine core into this music & I hope someone else needs this album like I did. It feels good to be back.

Born in Los Angeles & raised in New York, San Roman got her start in the Hardcore band Love, Robot where she was frontwoman for over ten years. During this time she also became a music video film director and she has shot for Journeys, D’Addario, Hopeless Records, Fearless Records and many indie artists.

After Love, Robot disbanded, the Alt-Rock duo group Heirsound was formed. Following three successful EPs the duo posted a public farewell statement and went their separate ways.

Following a five year hiatus from music since Heirsound’s disbandment, Alexa San Román is back, adapting her last name as her newest project’s name and moving forward with only one member, herself, finding herself ready to “stand alone.”

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