Bedouin Soundclash Put Agendas Aside To Create ‘We Will Meet In A Hurricane’

[Cover photo credit to Steph Montani]

Toronto-based Post-Punk, World-beat duo Bedouin Soundclash have returned with new album, We Will Meet In A Hurricane, via Dine Alone Records. Longtime musical partners Jay Malinowski and Eon Sinclair have been teasing the coming album since the Spring, releasing singles, from Shine Onfeaturing The Skints to last month’s Walk Through Firefeaturing Aimee of The Interrupters. To celebrate the album’s arrival, they have shared a lyric video for the title-track single.

Co-produced by Malinowski and Colin Stewart (The New Pornographers, Destroyer, Dan Mangan, Black Mountain), the tracks on We Will Meet In A Hurricane find the duo digging back into their musical roots. 

Discussing the album, Malinowski notes:

One day someone tells you, ‘you know, you’ve got a lot of stuff you don’t need here…’ and as they look around your apartment they say, ‘do you still want to live here in this place?’ You pause and think about it. No, you haven’t wanted to live here for a long time. You wouldn’t have listened to anyone else, but you listen to this person. So you put the place up for sale and you swim up to the sky in the calm of a hurricane eye. 

In the spring of 2021, Sinclair booked an open-ended trip to join Malinowski at his new home on Vancouver Island with the hope of reigniting their once-prolific creative spark.

Sinclair explains:

We didn’t really have a set agenda. We’d been sending a few ideas back-and-forth between Toronto and Victoria early in the pandemic, and it was a welcome outlet considering everything that was going on. So even though I wasn’t really sure of what I wanted to do next, I thought I’d go out for six months – maybe come back early, maybe stay longer – just to see where things would lead.  

They quickly settled into a comfortable workflow, riffing and writing through the week at Malinowski’s family home and then heading into The Hive studio every couple of weeks with co-producer Stewart to capture the results creating a “really powerful sound” from “just guitar, bass, and drums” as they did in their early days.

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