Dragonette’s Video For “Twennies” Reaches For A Feeling Of Ultimate Freedom

Electro-Pop artist Dragonette, the professional moniker for songwriter Martina Sorbara, has delivered a new video from director Wendy Morgan for Twennies,” the title-track and dancefloor single from her forthcoming album Twennies, due out October 28 via BMG.

Regarding the “Twennies” video, Dragonette says:

“For this video, I asked my best friend Wendy Morgan to brainstorm with me on something we could make together as a celebration of our long and illustrious creative and personal relationship. When I released my first ever single pre-Dragonette, I met Wendy through the label I was working with at the time, and she made my first video. From the moment of our first creative meeting, we became best friends.

Then with Dragonette, Wendy made the first ever music video for our first single, “I Get Around,” along with “Fixin’ To Thrill” and “Live In This City.” We have always spoken each other’s creative language fluently and have been able to see each other’s visions so clearly.

So when Wendy agreed to do this video it was kind of like reigniting an engine that had been ready and waiting. We wanted to do something that harkened back to our early friendship when we biked everywhere together and had no hands competition and we’re on a permanent adventure. We called ourselves a ‘bike gang’.

For me, my ultimate feeling of freedom is flying down the street on a bicycle with warm wind in my face, singing and moving how I want because I’ll just be a blur to the people I’m passing by. No holds barred, and no bars held… lol.  This was what we wanted to capture. Getting rid of what ties us down and finding the thing that brings us alive and distilling that.”

Fans have already had a preview of the new collection with the release of the Power-Pop anthem “New Suit,” described as a “mash-up of retro and contemporary sounds and imagery,” and the track “Seasick.”