The Ghost Club’s “Don’t Let Go” Salutes Those Who Stay In Hard Times

Pittsburgh Alternative Rock band The Ghost Club have released the single and music video “Don’t Let Go” driven by syths. The song has several layers, but definitely salutes those who stay with us in our hardest times.

Vocalist Domenic Dunegan shares:

This song is a personal thank you to the people in life that hang around through the lows and continue to guide you. You learn very quickly who truly cares about you when you are at your lowest points. It can also be listened to in another sense, as a reminder that no matter what, whether you’re walking, running or crawling, never stop moving forward.

Dunegan cites the life-changing experience of a Bruce Springsteen concert for his road into music and the birth of The Ghost Club. Thereafter, he met producer Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, Ariana Grande) through Facebook and the pair cooked up a batch of tunes together.

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