Experience Leon III’s Psych Folk Take On “Summertime Rolls” By Jane’s Addiction

Texas-based Alt/Psych act Leon III has shared their version of Jane’s Addiction’s Summertime Rolls.”  Leon III’s Andy Stepanian says the song came together on a whim during a day off in Charlotte, NC. Leon III is known for musical exploration sprinkled with psychedelia and Folk that makes for a unique experience.

Andy Stepanian comments:

I had revisited Jane’s Addiction’s first few albums a bunch in recent months. I kept coming back to ‘Summertime Rolls’ and thinking about how it could be a Leon III song.  It rocks but there’s a looseness to it too that I like. 

Inspired by the spirit and ambition of bands with soundscapes like Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead, Leon III paves their own way in music. Their most recent release is the live album, Live En Cyclorama. They will also be playing Wildwood Revival in Athens, Georgia, on Sunday, October 2nd, 2022.

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