Elizabeth Moen Shares Connection And Introspection Through ‘Wherever You Aren’t’

[Cover photo credit to Cassie Scott]

Elizabeth Moen will self-release her new album Wherever You Aren’t on November 11, 2022. In advance of her first full-length album in four years, she has also released a music video for the orchestrated Indie Rock ballad “Emotionally Available”. The singles “Headgear” and “Synthetic Fabrics” have also been released.

Moen explains regarding the new album:

This album is an accumulation of great friendships found through learning the hard way about love and other life lessons. It’s filled with good times, bad times, and lots of time spent on the road around the world to write it, make it, and afterwards figure out what to do with it. I’m so happy to finally share this record that embodies what making music means to me: connection and introspection.

Elizabeth Moen is a singer-songwriter/guitarist based in Chicago, originally from Vinton, IA. Recently, she has been on tour in the live bands for Kevin Morby and Squirrel Flower.

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