Kings Of Mercia Show Concern For The Planet In Their Video For “Humankind”

[Cover photo credit to Jeremy Saffer/Scott Towns]

The debut album from Kings of Mercia, the new group formed by Rock/Metal guitarist Jim Matheos (Fates Warning, Arch / Matheos) and Rock vocalist Steve Overland (FM) has recently been released by Metal Blade Records. Accompanying the duo on the self-titled release are Matheos’ Fates Warning bandmate Joey Vera on bass, and drummer Simon Philips.

To celebrate the album’s release, Kings of Mercia have shared the video for the single “Humankind”. The video highlights a concern for the planet and the future of humankind if we keep up these destructive practices.

Best known as the founding guitarist for Fates Warning, but associated with other projects like Arch / Matheos and most recently, Tuesday The Sky, Jim Matheos started working on the songs that would become Kings Of Mercia’s self-titled debut album without any preconceived notions, but aware that he was doing something a little different.

He says:

I started writing without any real idea of what direction I wanted to go in or what I was going to do with the material. The first few songs came together quickly and were a bit more straightforward than I’m used to, and I really liked that idea, kind of going back to my early heavy/hard rock roots.