Glassreel Brings Retro Folk Rock To “Up For It”

[Glassreel Front to Back: Kelly Beaton, Trevor Graumann, Andrew Workman, Ken Phillips, Photo credit to Matea Tuhtar]

Canadian Pop ensemble Glassreel have revealed the second single from their debut album, Lustre, which will be released on September 30, 2022. New track “Up For It” features their love for Folk traditions as they explore their Pop tendencies. Upon the release of Lustre, Glassreel will embark on a Fall 2022 North American tour.

Primary songwriter Trevor Graumann comments on the song:

‘Up For It’ explores themes of regret, obsessing over a separation (“I wake all my night to face the dead”), and the clashing of incompatible personalities. This conflict is emphasized by the intermingled female/male vocals, which often voice cross and swap ranges amidst a retro folk-rock background.

In the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown, Glassreel arranged “Up For It” by using a recording app on their cell phones. Each member individually recorded their tracks on their own at home, and then later mixed them all together for the final version. A version of “Up For It” also appears in celebrity chef David Rocco’s Dolce Southeast Asia, airing internationally on National Geographic.

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