Ron Gallo Takes Aim At The Male Superiority Complex With “Entitled Man” From Kill Rock Stars

[Cover photo credit to Dylan Reyes]

Philadelphia-raised Indie artist Ron Gallo has released new single “Entitled Man”, which arrives alongside a live video. Confronting society’s tolerance of the “male superiority complex”, the track channels Gallo’s anger. This is his first single since signing to storied Indie label Kill Rock Stars.

Gallo shares:

I wrote this song after hearing female friends talk about their experiences with men. Infuriating, creepy, weird shit they deal with on a regular basis. I tried to get into the psyche of why certain guys are like this because women should not have to, it is not their problem to fix or address. Entitled male thought continues to be at the forefront of regression socially and politically and I just think it’s to everyone’s benefit for men to evolve.

After taking part in various Philly bands, Gallo moved to Nashville with his debut solo album Heavy Meta. It led to a record deal, opening gigs on tours, and a some festival slots. With three LPs and an EP under his belt, this new single is an introduction to a new record that shows Gallo “at his most outspoken and frenetic”. In this new era, he’s actually returned to Philadelphia, not far from where he made his first record.

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