Joshua Lewis Takes A New Approach To Storytelling For ‘Friction’

Boise, ID singer-songwriter Joshua Lewis has announced upcoming LP, Friction, due out November 11th, 2022 via Earth Libraries. Previewing the new record, he’s also released the first single, Heartbreaker.” Both the new single and the album itself show Lewis’ new approach to storytelling.

Lewis writes about “Heartbreaker”:

The first song I wrote and recorded was ‘Heartbreaker,’ I sat down with my guitar and this old casino 701 I had, I turned on the drum loop on the keyboard and the first thing that came out were those chords. I usually sing nonsense words/noises to a melody I like, and little by little certain words would pop out and stick. Lyrically at the time it didn’t really make sense to me, and I liked that. I liked saying fun lines that I didn’t think related to each other, and that it just sounded cool. It wasn’t until the recording was done that I felt somehow it did make sense, somehow it did tell a story without really saying it. 

That was the birth of the entire record, I realized I didn’t have to put too much pressure on myself to tell a certain story, the story would be what it was when you heard it. I basically built every song off of that premise.

Early last year, Lewis shared his self-recorded debut album, Too Soft, via Earth Libraries. Lewis also took part mixing the latest Built To Spill record, alongside Doug Martsch, Lê Almeida, and João Casaes.

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