Rokets Reveals “Destroyer” On The Road To ‘Break Free’

Finland-based Rock band Rokets have launched new single ”Destroyer”, the second leading to their sophomore album Break Free, forthcoming from The Sign Records. Their previous single is “Cherry Kiss”.

Sami from Rokets discusses the single:

Destroyer is the second appetizer from the upcoming album of ours titled Break Free. This song has been one of our favorites for quite some time now and actually came together very naturally. I left our rehearsal space and had a walk to the bus stop while this riff started playing in my head. I was humming it, recorded it on my phone and presented it to our guitarist Sakke the next time we met. He finished the song right away and I wrote some lyrics to it while thinking about the song Bomber by Motörhead. Destroyer is an obvious homage to Lemmy, Philthy Animal and Fast Eddie; an all-guns-blazing-no-filler-sonic-killer.

”Destroyer” was mixed by Robert Pehrsson (Robert Pehrsson‘s Humbucker, Black Breath, Dundertåget, etc.) and mastered at Svenska Grammofonstudion. Rokets formed in 2017 and have built up a consistent electric live act through constant gigging in Finland and the Baltic states.

The band‘s first EP Speed & Sound sold out and their debut album Fast Times reached not only European, but also American audiences. Now set to release their second album Break Free, the five members of Rokets have already left a mark in the underground music scene in Finland by taking part in bands such as Black Lizard, Tryer, Velvets, Green King, United Seafood, Rusty Triggers and Slippers.

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