Tiffany Williams Honors Coal Mining Country With ‘All Those Days Of Drinking Dust’

Singer-songwriter Tiffany Williams is the daughter, granddaughter, and great-granddaughter of eastern Kentucky coal miners. She became uncomfortable introducing that aspect of her history at shows because she hadn’t made the same sacrifices as her ancestors. Her background as an award-winning fiction writer and former high school English who has studied Appalachian speech and sociolinguistics contributed to that feeling. Now she’s worked towards harmonizing that by creating her debut full-length album, All Those Days of Drinking Dust. The album will arrived August 19th and the opening title track is out now.

The album is a tribute, not only her family but to generations of families like hers, people who spent their lives working beneath the mighty Appalachian mountains.

Williams comments:

From the first-line echo of the original coal miner’s daughter Loretta Lynn, this song pays homage to a succession of coal mining forebears and talks about living life in the shadow of the harrowing vocation—how it comes to bear on the body, the spirit, and the people making a home in fraught yet beloved coal country.

Produced by Lexington, Kentucky-based Duane Lundy (Ringo Starr, Jim James, Sturgill Simpson, Vandaveer), All Those Days of Drinking Dust will be released on August 19th. Williams’ next performance will be on July 3rd in Portland, Oregon, at Holler.