Charlie Reed’s ‘Eddy’ Conjures Nostalgia For Something That Never Existed

[Cover photo credit to Josh Johnson]

Chicago, IL Indie-Rock group Charlie Reed, composed of members Luke Trimble (Uh Bones), Colin Croom (Twin Peaks), Nick Beaudoin (Spread Joy), Nora Chin, Nolan Chin, Tyler Bixby (Spread Joy), and Justin Vittori (Diviño Niño) are releasing their debut album, Eddy, on July 21, 2022 via Earth Libraries. To further expand their sonic universe, the group added extra drumming, violin, and viola in the studio, with engineer Andrew Humphrey assisting in the self-produced sessions.

Luke Trimble walked through his front door one afternoon to find his house burglarized and all of his music gear taken, not to mention the demo tapes for his band Charlie Reed. After years of self-sufficient music-making, he was forced to ask for help and work more collaboratively.

He says:

The physical reality of losing my stuff became this emotional metaphor for starting over in every way.

Lead single “Don’t Drop Me” uses wordless vocals and spins a “timeless tale of being left behind by a lover”, whereas followup single “Holding On” explores “the aftermath of a breakup” via Western slide guitar. The album itself sets out to find that “sweet spot of nostalgia for something that never existed”.

Trimble adds:

I wanted the record to feel classic, familiar, but refreshing. These are melodies that will get stuck in your head in a melancholy way.

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