P.O.D Remixes And Remasters ‘When Angels & Serpents Dance’ For Extended Release

P.O.D. has announced the release of When Angels & Serpents Dance on October 14th, 2022, through Mascot Records / Mascot Label Group and will be available in gold vinyl, CD, and digital. The album has been re-mixed and re-mastered with three bonus tracks not on the original master. In addition, the single “Addicted” has been released with a new music video.

The song has quite serious origins, reflecting on how substance abuse destroys lives, but also the ways in which we might have lesser addictions in our lives to cope. The album, When Angels & Seprents Dance, is also a special one for the band because drummer Marcos Curiel had departed the band for two albums, but this one marked his return.

Singer Sonny Sandoval offers about “Addicted”:

We all have friends or family going through something. Without trying to just be so obvious, it is. Sometimes that stuff is out of your control. Once you get to that place in life, it really does ruin your life and take over. But again, how much of it is your choice and how much of it is really just being caught up?

A lot of it is about my brother-in-law, actually. He is homeless and kind of made that choice that he didn’t want to be a part of society. Like it was easier to just be on his own and do what he wanted to do and have no responsibilities. He struggles with substance abuse. It really stemmed from that. It’s never really always about one person. Whatever the topic is. I’m sure you know someone who is stuck in the same thing. It happened to be about a lot of stuff. I grew up around addiction and people that either died from addiction or it ruined their life because of it. 

Guitarist Marcos Curiel adds:

As humans, we all have our demons and addictions, whether it is drugs, alcohol, or otherwise. We could be addicted to social media, or you could be addicted to a negative person, and have a negative outlook. So for me it just reminds me that you can’t take life for granted and addiction is a real thing.  I think a lot of it comes from mental health and it is a big deal man. You see people struggling mentally man, and I think a lot of people try to numb it so they find other ways to numb themselves and they get addicted.

The complete track listing features:

1. Addicted
2. Shine With Me
3. Condescending
4. It Can’t Rain Everyday
5. Kaliforn-Eye-A (feat. Mike Muir)
6. I’ll Be Ready (feat. The Marley Girls)
7. End Of The World
8. This Ain’t No Ordinary Love Song
9. God Forbid (feat. Page Hamilton)
10. Roman Empire
11. When Angels & Serpents Dance
12. Tell Me Why
13. Rise Against


14. Don’t Fake It

15 .Ridin’ With You

16. Walk On Water

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